Death Spells

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Curse of death as one of the most dangerous black magic rituals

Don’t believe those who claim that a curse of death can be cast with the help of white magic. All death rituals, regardless of what people think of them, belong to black magic. Whether it’s voodoo or Gypsy magic, North-American Indian magic or any other kind of magic, there’s one eternal law: you have to pay for your right to use a curse of fatal death, unless you find some experienced spell caster who agrees to help you.

Using a spell for weight loss to do good and to do evil

Before telling you about the spell for weight loss, I want to warn all those who want to cast it on their own in order to lose weight. Remember, if something goes wrong, your weight loss spell will turn into a weight loss curse that will cause you a lot of suffering. It’s like having AIDS or anorexia! It will affect your health to a great extent and you’ll find yourself on the verge of death! Medicine will be powerless, and a powerful spell caster will be the only one who will be able to save your life.

Saving your life after being cast a revenge curse on

With today’s accessibility of magic and its rapid development, no one is secured against the revenge curse. And you don’t have be a bad person, do evil and escape punishment for that. Moreover, even if you live a pious life, are friendly, treat people with care and respect, someone can still cast a black revenge hex on you any time, turning your life into hell.

What is the right way for casting a black magic removal spell?

If you think you need to cast a black magic remove spell and start looking for someone to do this for you on the Internet, you will find hundreds of websites offering services of professional spell casters. As a rule, that’s the only service most of them offer. They specialize in removing black magic, because in their opinion narrow specialization arouses more trust.

How to make a voodoo doll to practice real voodoo magic

No matter how many times I tell you that any voodoo spell constitutes a huge danger if you cast it on your own, you will still be tempted to practice real voodoo magic without consulting a professional spell caster. I understand that, which is why in this article I want to tell you about some voodoo magic spells which can be cast by people who are not professional spell casters and have no esoteric knowledge whatsoever.


Indifference of your beloved one makes you suffer. You start thinking of casting a love spell which is way more effective than your natural charm. While many people never get to do it, some pay their attention to black magic possibilities, namely its love spells.


How to understand that it’s time for you to remove a husband curse

The main sign indicating a husband curse (which means you need to remove a husband curse professionally) is the fact that all the people who know your husband claim he’s become a different person. Remember, witchcraft changes its victim instantly. It smashes the man’s energy integrity like a hammer and the man actually becomes a different person.

The dead water curse

The dead water curse is, perhaps, one of the most effective curses in black magic. It is easily explained: when a death or disease curse is put on a person, a certain destructive program penetrates his aura.  And the best substance to transfer this program is dead water.


Subconsciously all people, including hypochondriac ones, get anxious when someone is cursing them. There is an explanation to it: negative effect of curses is a fact, just like the existence of respiratory diseases (which was discovered a while ago). Curses exist and they can be of different types, like influenza viruses.


What marriage curses are ordered for
Each person can order a traditional marriage curse from me. However, before doing that, think about which curse you need and whether you need it at all. Different rituals are required to solve different problems. That’s why I always consult each client on which curses are best for him.
The Signs Of A Death and Revenge Spells Curse;
death spell signs on enemy that work within 3days';
Loss of appetite.
Loss of sleep.
Numerous Nightmares.
Loss of friends for no reason.
Constant Love & Relationship problems.
Frequent Illnesses for no apparent reason.
Non-diagnosable medical problems.
Aggression coming from Strangers. Friends and Family.
Endeavors never seem to work out to the positive.
The lack of or very poor finances.
Seeing & Hearing things others don't.
Thoughts of Suicide for no apparent reason.
Frequency of accidents and or freak accidents.
The Quick Termination of Relationships.