Spell casting is an internal energy consuming art that requires not only herbs and mixtures, but also gifted pure minds and encompassing intelligence about it. The spell caster must be in his or her purest state of mind. There are lots of spells and they are therefore prepared depending on the caster’s intelligence and natural gifts. My spells are KARMA FREE, NO SIDE EFFECT AND IT DOESN'T BACK FIRE, strictly to bring help to everyone seeking my services. Your happiness is my success. And this is what I tell them, “using my services doesn’t make you my client, you are my daughter and you are my son, I will do whatever to make you happy. You will be under my help and can come to me for anything.” Spell casting shouldn’t be done by the casters only. The recipients have roles to play in this too. There should be a lot of positive energy, positive thinking, good minds, great desires and passion. However, some Spell casters miss out this aspect. They do not even train and lecture their clients,mainly because they do not have their time. Spell casting could be done using Black Magic Powers, Herbs, Chackra or Natural Gifts.

I am Psychic ABEL JUSTUS, the most high of all, the greatest healer and spellcaster of all. Whatever your adversity of problem, do not despair. I am here to help you overcome all your problems.
I use real magical powers to fight demons and super villains. I have nearly limitless powers to tackle your most pressing problems, be it physical or spiritual.
I have skills in Metaphysical healing, psychic skills, divining and foretelling through ancestors and forefathers. I am a skilled diviner and healer within the traditional and native setting.


Love Spells100%
Money Spells100%
Protection Spells100%
Witchcraft Spells100%
Voodoo Spells100%
Gay and Lesbian spells100%

Worlds Powerful Lost Love Spell Caster Dating & Relationships;

Do These Questions Apply To You?
Is your life empty without him/her?
Do you think of him/her often?
Do you sometimes have trouble going about your work because he/she's on your mind?
Are you depressed because you feel he/she slipping away?
Do you have a wealth of love stored up just for him/her?
Is he/she hardheaded and stubborn?

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Love Spells That Work:

Love Spell
Reconcile Love Spell
Attraction Spell
Passion Spell
Relationship Spell
Marriage Spell

Money Spells That Work:

Wealth Spell
Windfall Spell
Money Spell
Career Spell
Education Spell

Friendship Spells That Work:

BFF - Best Friends Forever Spell
Best Friends Spell
Friendship Spell
Reconcile BFF - Reconcile Best Friend Forever Spell
Reconcile Best Friends Spell
Reconcile Friend Spell
Broken Arrow Spell - Make Peace Spell

Body Change Spells That Work:

Weight Loss Spell
Quit Smoking Spell
Beauty Spell
Hair Change Spell
Eye Colour Spell
Eye Color Spell
Eros Spell

Dark Spells That Work:

Break Up Spell
Binding Spell
Revenge Spell

Our services include:

Healing Services

1. Chess away Tokoloshe
2. Remove black magic curse
3. Translate bad dreams
4. Palm reading
5. Traditional Herbal healing

.....and many more...

1.Custom love spells for love problems.
2. Love spells
3. Commitment spells
4. Attraction spells
5. Soul mate spells
6. Marriage spells
7. Have a lover to want you only spells
8. Stop cheating spells
9. Healing spells
10. Bad energy, hex removal spells
11. Lucky spells
12. Job spells
13. Success spells
14. Divorce spells
15. Custom spiritual energy spells
16. Protection Spells
17. Money Spells
28. Brake up spell
29. Family spells
20. Come back to me spell
21. Forgive me spell

...and many more...



Attract Dates, Romance & Sex Spell
Make Me Desirable Sex Spell
Lesbian Attraction Magic Spell
Gay Attraction Magic Spell
Erectile Dysfunction Magic Spell
Become  A Better Lover Sex Spell
Ultimate Seduction Sex Magic Spell
Make Em Want Me Magic Spell
Custom Adult Sex Spell
Magic Money Spell
Custom Money Spell



Husband/Wife, Boyfriend/Girlfriend Cheated on you and you want to put a STOP using Magick
Powerful Love Spells, Revenge Of The Raven Curse,Break Up Spells,Do Love Spells Work ? Try my powers to heal from where you are!!!Fertility Spell
Pregnancy Spell
Revenge/Death Spell
Magic Spells
Protection Spells
Curse Removal,
Remove Negative Energy
Removing Curse Spells.
Witch Doctor,
Spiritual Cleansing.

Call/WhatsApp: +2347033354868
Email: drabeljustustemple@gmail.com

N0.1 Unique Spells Caster with Quick Effect Love spells_Marriage_Gay Love spells_Divorce_Revenge Within Canada - Australia - United kingdom - Jamaica - United Arab Emirates - USA, drabeljustustemple@gmail.com

Dr. ABEL JUSTUS, have the most powerful love spells derived from pure bonded magic of their bloodline, which still exist in secret today. There were no others before or after us to leave such legacy in love spells. My love spells accomplish wonderful things for people.

The Dr. ABEL JUSTUS, love spells have changed the lives of many people forever! These powerful spells are recognized as my most effective. Spell casting for love entails focus spiritually for your allowance of the energy into the heart.

Note: Love conjures spiritually need to be accepted by you fully. Spell casting should be an honor when dealing with love. When you choose these spells, soul mate action starts to involve itself immediately.

Once we receive your order and details of your request I will start preparation. Some spells take more preparation than others so they are sorted accordingly. All spells will receive the individual attention they need and deserve. My spells need certain supplies and preparation; also more than one individual may be involved in casting your spell.

Please Note: The spells I offer you are completely customized to your particular needs and situation.

Here are some of the very common spell requests for Casting Love Spells by Dr. ABEL JUSTUS

I want an Urgent, Emergency Spell
I need a very powerful Love Spell
I want to find my soul mate
I want my lost love back spell
I want an Unconditional Love Spell
I want a Reconciliation Spell
I want a Breakup Spell
I want a Tame my Lover Spell
I want a Make Me Spell
I want a STOP His Roving Eyes Spell
I want a Rejuvenated Love Spell
I want a Be Faithful To Me Spell
I want a Turn Friend into Lover Spell
I want a Holiday Love Spell
I want a Starting Over Spell
I want a Forgive Me Spell
I want to attract my Boy Friend or Girl Friend
I want my Best Friend to Love Me
I want a Love Return Spell or Spell so that My Love Can Return Back To Me
I need information on Retrieve a Lost Love Spell
I want a Seduce Me Spell
I want a Lust For Me Spell
Spells to Reunite Lost Love or Lovers
Get Back Ex Boy friend or Ex Girlfriend by spells
I want to Bring Back Love Spells or Lover Spells
I want to get back my love who is with some one else
I need a break up spell to break a love relation so that I can get my love back to me
I need a very powerful Gay Love Spells
How to attract Lovers of the Same Sex
I am looking for REKINDLE LOVE
I need a spell by which my lover will see me in dreams
I want a Psychic Love Spell
I want to get Instance Love Spells that Work
I need to Bind My Love Forever ( Love Binding Spells)
I want to fix a Broken Love Relation
I want to stop and avoid Divorce or Separation
I want a Faithful relation with my partner
There is a women in my lovers life, how do I get rid of this other women
I want a End Regrets Spell
I want to Attract my Lover Sexually
I want to Fix or Mend my Broken Heart?
I want to prevent or keep others from talking about my man
I want to force my lover to propose to me

Top Three "General" Love Spells ordered for the past 12 months

Telepathy Love Spell - My Telepathy Spell is incredible, powerful, amazing and immediate.
This is the spell to choose if you want someone to understand your point of view on a matter or if you want to convince someone to do something. I do not control their free will. It literally anonymously transfers your thoughts, suggestions, feelings and ideas to another person so he or she believes them to be his own. This is a great influencer! If you want someone to feel, know or decide something, this may be the spell for you. Transfer is Immediate!
Email: drabeljustustemple@gmail.com.

The Signs Of A Death and Revenge Spells Curse;
death spell signs on enemy that work within 3days

 Loss of appetite.
Loss of sleep.
Numerous Nightmares.
Loss of friends for no reason.
Constant Love & Relationship problems.
Frequent Illnesses for no apparent reason.
Non-diagnosable medical problems.
Aggression coming from Strangers. Friends and Family.
Endeavors never seem to work out to the positive.
The lack of or very poor finances.
Seeing & Hearing things others don't.
Thoughts of Suicide for no apparent reason.
Frequency of accidents and or freak accidents.
The Quick Termination of Relationships.